The Five P’s of Management

Michael North, business development executive and founder of North Communications, speaks with host David Chang about the practices that support success in business management.

He speaks of five “P”s — Passion, People, Partnership, Participation and Peace. Mr. North provides specific examples of the following:

Passion is the energy, focus and sometimes the obsession of doing something you truly love, enjoy and believe in.

It is supported by People, a dedication to working with high-quality people who help express your passion — loyalty in building their career and their future.

And it is expressed in Partnership. The successful business manager identifies outstanding partners and cultivates their relationships over time, sometimes even converting competitors into partners.

All the benefits of these three ideas, once mature, may be expressed in Participation. This is a commitment to giving back to society, to people, families and communities through visible, tangible work.

And the final prize is Peace. The peace of mind, stillness, the inner sense that one has found balance, fulfilled one’s potential, transcended one’s limits. That one has touched and been touched, by family and the daily miracles of life.

And Peace transforms back into Passion.

Mr. North is working to help Wealthbridge, a Honolulu financial services firm, to realize its goals through a fusion of financial advice and health care services.


More information at http://www.wealthbridgeinc.com; personal information, links and bio at http://www.michael-north.com