Greentech Broadcast

Aloha Green Hawai′i” is an entertainment, lifestyle and news show designed to raise awareness about the work that communities and community-based organizations are doing to make Hawai′i sustainable, foster clean energy and preserve its environment in the face of climate change. We believe that sharing Aloha for the land and seas will both entertain and inspire action on environmental problems in Hawai′i and around the world.

These sustainability stories will be told through the lens of the arts, culture and people of Hawai′i with a special focus on sharing stories with other islands in the Pacific and throughout the world. “Aloha Green Hawai′i” is scheduled to have a prime time slot on KFVE and begin its run in 2018.

“Aloha Green Hawai′i” represents a unique opportunity to support sustainability in Hawai′i, highlight the work of your business and community throughout the state and associate your brand with fun, family friendly and pro-environment entertainment.

“Aloha Green Hawai′i ” works with local and international filmmakers, musicians and content creators and is committed to representing the diversity of the people of Hawai′I and other islands behind and in front of the camera. “Aloha Green Hawai′i” will also feature content from the Caribbean and other Pacific Islands (for example, “Aloha Green Tonga” and “Aloha Green Jamaica”).

“Aloha Green Hawai′i” is scheduled for broadcast beginning in January, 2018, in a prime time slot on KFVE to maximize our potential audience. The “Aloha Green Hawai′i” episodes will also repeat through the first half of 2018 in the prime time slot, thus totaling approximately 26 total airings between January and July, 2018.